AZALEA BINGO HALL

           Register your cards at to personalize your account and
                                        keep track of your points balance.

                             below are the rewards points system
                           1 $6 pack of cards     = 1 point
                           2 $6 packs of cards   = 2 points
                           3 $6 packs of cards   = 3 points
                           a $30 bingo wizard    = 6 points
                           a $35 bingo wizard    = 7 points
                           a $40 bingo wizard    = 8 points
                           a $45 bingo wizard    = 9 points
                           a $50 bingo wizard    =10 points
                           a $55 bingo wizard    =11 points
                           a $60 bingo wizard    =12 points

  At 120 points you will receive a free $30 value bingo wizard coupon.
This coupon will automatically print from the register at the time of purchase once your balance is equal to or passes 120 points.Please
do not lose this coupon for it can not be replaced once printed.

  All rewards systems are subject to change, and any card may be revoked at any time.
rewards points are non-transferable, and points can not be redeemed for cash. Points may only be spent on applicable goods. There are no fees and the card is always free.Lost or stolen cards can not be replaced. you may apply for a new card, however points on the new card will start at 0.Points may only be awarded upon purchase at the time of transaction.
        Over 100 $30 bingo wizards                   rewarded in December!!!